About us

Our story

It all started when there was a need, for a brand that would bring to Kosovar girls, special dresses following the latest fashion industry trends and designers. On the early 2000s, Salihu Family founded MINNA Fashion, by rapidly entering to the market of fashion textile in Kosovo. Our very first store was located in Gjilan, Kosovo. After a few sucessful years, they decided to open a store in the capital city of Kosovo, Prishtina. Today, after around 10 years of hard work, MINNA is located in the center of Prishtina in a 500 square feet store and it’s growing fast and big. Special thanks to our clients for making this happen. We are grateful for the stories that you shared with us, we will keep bringing you love and dresses.

Our showroom locations:

- Str. Pashko Vasa, Pejton, Prishtine Kosovo

-Str. Esat Berisha, Gjilan Kosovo

Contact :

+38349747085 | +38349747081 | +38349747083 | +38349747082